Promotional Mugs with your logo

This is where promotional materials come into practice. Adding your company’s logo to various promotional items, allows you to reach a wider audience. Printed promotional mugs are one of the most lucrative of promotional materials. Consider the facts for a moment: most people drink coffee and tea throughout their working day, to do this they use a mug. Business people are more, likely than not, going to be your potential customer base – what better way to reach them than to have your logo printed on their coffee or tea mugs?

Reach potential new customers with Promotional Mugs

For instance, say you work for a printing and mailing company, and you wish to reach potential customers, handing out promotional mugs at a business exhibition can be a great way of achieving this. Once you have handed out your mugs to various businesspeople at the exhibition, they may return to their office and use it for their drinks. Sitting at their desks one day, trying to establish the best way to have a mail shot sent out, these businessmen may see your logo and think ‘eureka’, I need a printing and mailing business to undertake this task for me, and I have the number right here in front of me.

Custom Printed Promotional Mugs

Printed promotional mugs are a fantastic marketing technique because they are relatively cheap to purchase, but seem to infiltrate many areas of life. Prospective customers may have them at home, in the office, at the gym, etc. They have far-reaching capabilities. Think about the mugs that you use every day, how many of them sport company logos? Probably the majority of mugs do. Furthermore, how many times does the average person have a cup of tea or coffee throughout the working day? Market research indicates at least three times – and if our office is anything to go by, much more!

Moreover, people often drink coffee and tea during break times, when they have time to reflect on the day events – this means they will pay more attention to promotional mugs with logos, than they would other types of promotional materials, such as pencils or pens, which people use most often when they are busy.

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